Our Past Experiences

  • We have set up an independent testing practice with over 300 Quality Analysts and Business Analysts for testing healthcare and clinical applications
  • Instrumental in developing and testing various clinical applications for the past 18+ years which are used by 13,000 customers in 35 countries lDone a complete testing on Enterprise Services Portal Technology Project for a Leading Client in Europe
  • We performed the Largest Benchmark Testing for a Flagship Product successfully
  • We have done a complete testing on Health Care Product for a Leading Customer in UK
  • We have helped the clients in saving more cost on their testing budgets by developing innovative testing methodologies and frameworks
  • We have generated high ROI percentages for the clients

Quality : Delivery Confidence

  • Reduce Defects in Production [95%]
  • Reduce Operational Risks
  • Implement Right Techniques and Tools

Cost : Optimization

  • Risk based pricing model
  • Multiple releases within same cost
  • Demonstrated 35%-45% cost savings to clients

Time : Reduced Cycle Time

  • Get Products Faster to Markets
  • Reduce Turn-Around time for Testing
  • Demonstrated 25%-30% reduction in time for clients


  • Our deep understanding of customers, customer problems and the enterprise domains
  • Improved efficiency and productivity gains through automation, using automation framework and tools
  • Continuous test process improvement through metrics-based governance
  • Our focus on quality policy and process that ensures delivery of a 'fit for purpose' solution
  • Lower TCO due to productivity gains on automation and low cost on multi-shore approach

Our services include all types of functional and non-functional testing