Testing CoE

testing center of excellence(coe) tce

Testing Center of Excellence is an integration of people, process, tools, expertise and management at one place for providing effective testing services. It aims at increasing our test span, speeding up the test process and making it more cost effective through the efficient use of technology, tools and methodologies.

To ensure the reliability and quality demands of our customers, we at ZANEC have setup a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence that caters to their testing needs and continuously improve the quality of the deliverables. The Testing Center of Excellence framework leverages tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver near-zero defect applications to clients.

Key Pillars of CoE

  • Knowledge Management
  • Testing R&D Center
  • Testing Helpdesks
  • Delivery Project Management Office
  • Dedicated Testing Lab

How does ZANEC Testing CoE help our customers?

Testing CoE help customers by:

  • Defining test approach and execution roadmap
  • Establish clear and solid governance mechanism throughout the projects
  • Setting up Test automation centers and Performance testing centers etc.
  • Developing appropriate communication models between ZANEC and the customer organisation
  • Ensuring strong project and delivery management

Help clients to achieve improvement in time-to-market and better serve the business lines in improving the effectiveness of IT support